2011-2012 Graded 85 by the Rolex World’s
Top 1000 Golf Courses

Our beloved Sherwood Hills Golf Club is included in the recently released
World's Top 1,000 Courses by Rolex.  The pleasant surprise arrived late June
when we received the notice from Rolex which also sent a copy of the
certificate and an advance copy of the book.  The selection criteria are complex
that all aspects of the design and playability of the golf courses were taken into
consideration.  International raters came from all around the world for this
effort and 7 courses from the Philippines made the grade out of 33,000 golf
courses worldwide.  The raters used a scale of 1 to 100 to grade the overall
value of the golf course.  Here are the results of the 7 courses that made it to
the prestigious list.  85 points for Sherwood Hills, Manila Southwoods, Sta.
Elena and the Country Club.  80 points for Orchard and Mt. Malarayat, then 75
points for Manila Golf.  This is another major breakthrough by Sherwood Hills in
the international scene and it only proves the gem of a golf course we have in
our hands.   Indeed, we should be proud of Sherwood Hills-another feather in
our cap.  Our Home.    
Ranked No. 85 by Golf Digest’s 100 Best Courses
Outside the United States for 2007-2008”

rating for 2007-2008, rated Sherwood Hill as the best in Southeast Asia. This
rating system of Golf Digest, published in its May 2007 issue is considered as the
oldest and most respected ranking system in the game. Only 3 courses made the
Southeast Asian list. Sherwood Hills at #1 and Blue Canyon of Thailand and
Nirwana Bali of Indonesia, at #2 & #3 respectively.
In the total list of the100 worldwide, Sherwood Hills was ranked #85 and in the
Asian region list of 11 Courses, our Club ranked #8.     
The ratings were based on the following criteria:

1. SHOT VALUE- how well does the course pose risks and rewards and
equally test length, accuracy & finesse?.
2. RESISTANCE TO SCORING- how difficult, while still being fair, is the
course for a scratch player from the back tees. Individuality to each
3. DESIGN VARIETY- how varied are the course’s holes in different lengths,
configurations, hazard placements, green shapes and green contour?
4. MEMORABILITY- how well do the design features (tees, fairways,
greens, hazards, vegetation and terrain) provide individuality to each
hole, yet a collective continuity to the entire 18?
5. AESTHETICS- how well do the values of the course ( including
landscaping, vegetation, water features and backdrops) add to the
pleasure of the round?
6. CONDITIONING- how would you rate the playing qualities of tees,
fairways and greens when you last played the course?
7. AMBIENCE- how well does the overall atmosphere of the course reflect
or uphold the traditional values of the game?
8. WALKABILITY- how walkable is the course in terms of terrain and
distance between holes?
This award could not have been possible without the commitment, dedication our
golf maintenance group.