The Sherwood Hills Golf Club is the perfect setting for Wedding Parties and Receptions, Reunions and Special Events, Corporate
and Club Meetings as well as any Group Gatherings,  The beautifully spacious California-Mission inspired clubhouse displays the
best view of picture-perfect greens and fairways of Sherwood Hills. With its elevated finickin wooden ceiling, wrought-iron
chandelier, grand pillars and wide open facility.  The  Veranda depicts the beauty of the No. 1 golf course in the Philippines.
Along the Veranda is a trellis-covered corridor with natural draping foliage.   This part of the Club is a perfect place for summer
events.  On the other side of the Veranda is another place perfect for 30 to 60 guests the Mulligan Bar, an airconditioned room
prepared to be set for any occasion or corporate gathering.

Depending on the number of participants, the Veranda can accommodate up to 300 valued guests.  The Veranda is the best
place for weddings, anniversaries or any intimate gathering night and day.

Another alternative venue at Sherwood Hills is the Rayos del Sol - a perfect setting for all gatherings.  May it be an intimate
celebration, grand launches, seminars and trainings;  Rayos del Sol is the best place and a class of its own.  A fully
airconditioned room interiored with floor-to-ceiling glass panels, contemporary wooden ceilings and light effects.  Rayos del Sol
features a panoramic scenery of the grounds against the backdrop ofthe rising sun.   It has a seating capacity from 100 to 250

May it be a small gathering or for conference, Sonrisa is another place to choose from at Sherwood Hills.  This hall can
accommodate from 30 to 70 guests.  A well ventilated room ready to be transformed perfectly anything that suits your mood.
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